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The crash at Crandon International Raceway
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The Crash at Crandon Off-Road International Raceway 2013

On Sunday 6/30/13, Nick had a horrific crash at the Crandon Race Track. Nick is doing OK, but his truck was almost totaled.  He hit a very large unpainted cement barrier which was tethered to the Red Bull arch after the first turn at the Crandon Off-Road Track.  He missed the other two large cement barriers, but the tether wire attached to one of the cement barriers did a lot of the damage, by pulling off a tire and rim breaking the axle shaft, tire rim, spring brackets, shocks and rear end.  It looked like the springs were in reverse creating a camel back spring system.   Nick sustained severe front end damage when he hit the large grey cement 3,000 lb barrier head on.

The next day there were more than 12 crew members, competitors and friends who came to his house to help him reassemble the race truck.  It was amazing to see so many people volunteer to help him without being called.  One racer even offered his truck to Nick in order to finish the race series this year.  By the end of the evening, the entire truck was stripped and the damage was assessed.  The decision to repair the truck was made and many calls were placed to see if certain components could be repaired in time for the next race, but the repairs are very expensive.  One person said he would fix his part for free.  Others said they would see what they could do to help with the cost. 

Please contact Nick at if you want to help.  To see the crash, go to the links page for race and crash video.