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The crash at Crandon International Raceway
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TORC Series 

Race Schedules, Race Results and Driver Profiles.


Midwest Off-Road Racing Organization (MORR)

Sportsmen Off-Road series updates and driver information.

The Crandon Crash

The crash on 6/30/13

After the Crash

Pictures of the smashed truck

Byng Motorsports wins at Crandon 6/29/13

Back-To-Back wins!

Byng Motorsports presents rebuilding the truck for 2013

Pictures of the unfinished race truck and crew

Byng Motorsports at Crandon 6/29/13

After the first place win

Byngmotorsports wins Super Stock Truck at Bark River 2013 

First win of the 2013 season

Byng Motorsports presents view of practice laps at Crandon 2013

Go Pro front view of race track

Byng Motorsports wins at Red Bud Track

First race of 2012


Byng Motorsports finishes third at Crandon, WI on 9/2/12. 

Byng Motorsports places 4th at Red Bud Track

Second race of 2012

Off-Road Racing Slideshow

At Various Locations