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The crash at Crandon International Raceway
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 Off-Road racing is certainly a family event for many racers and their crews.  My family has been off road racing since the mid-1970's.  My Great-Uncle, Sam Byng (May He Rest in Peace) was a co-driver with my Second-Cousin, Dennis Ferdon.  My Father, Bruce Byng raced in the "Old Class 13" or "Iron Sleds" as they like to call them.  My Uncle Rick Wolf, also co-raced with Dennis Ferdon and he rode in a couple of races with Farmer John Konitzer (May He Rest in Peace.)  My Grandfather, George Byng has been a great support person and has attended all of these races and at 86 years of age, he still comes to watch me race for each weekend.  My Aunt Becky Wolf has taken most of these vintage pictures.  We hope you enjoy the nostalgia and photos. 

Please feel free to send your comments or photos to and we will try to add more pictures.

Short course off-road racing has a long history in Wisconsin and Michigan but, past races were also held in Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota and Missouri.




Old Vintage Off-Road Racing Slideshow  

Old racing pictures at various race tracks 

Very Old Vintage Off-Road Racing Slideshow




Retro Off-Road Racing Slideshow



Vintage Off-Road Racing Slideshow