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An insight to Byng Motorsports-

   Nick Byng drives a Ford F-150 two-wheel drive Super Stock Truck in the Traxxas Off-Road Championship (TORC) series with guidelines by Midwest Off-Road Racing (MORR) and sanctioned by United States Auto Club (USAC.)

Nick has been racing trucks in short course off-road since 2005, in a more affordable entry level class of called Enduro trucks.  He started racing in the Super Stock Truck class in 2008. 


ABOUT THE DRIVER-Nick Byng (pronounced Bing) is an Automotive Technician for a large car dealer in Green Bay, Wisconsin since 2005.  He graduated from the Automotive Technician course at Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College in the Spring of 2005. He has also attended seminars and workshops throughout his career and is an Automotive Service of Excellence (ASE) Certified Master in all aspects of light truck and automotive diagnostics and repair. 

Nick was born 2/3/85 in Green Bay, Wisconsin to Bruce and Mary Byng.  He has one sister.  Nick has been very involved in a variety of sports including football, trap/skeet shooting, pool shooting and also has competed in ice drag races in the winter season on northern Wisconsin lakes. 

His first racing experience was winning the home-made pine durby races as a boy scout.  At age 16, he started his motorized racing career by racing his non-modified Ford F-150 with studded tires in the ice drag races.  His best finish on the ice was third overall.  

At age 19, he started short course off-road racing in the "Enduro" class with a Ford F-150.  With a few wins and second places in Enduro, he decided to race in the Super Stock Truck class and continues to do so. 

In 2012 and in his Super Stock Truck he won awards for the "Most Improved Driver" as his record improved over the race season.  His record continued to improve through the 2012 race season with several podium wins and finished third overall in the year end points chase and Nick admits, "Racing is so much fun when you are winning."

Over the years Nick has volunteered on several pit crews including: Carl Renezeder (Pro-Driver of both 2-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive,) Ray Raeski (Super Buggy,) Aaron Konitzer (Classix Car,) Eric Rupel (Pro-Light,) Don Demeny (Super Stock Truck,) Brendt Kozlowski (Light Buggy) and Roger Schaden (Super Stock Truck.) 






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